What is Green Building?


Calculated design, and superior construction materials/methods

Homes backed up by building science and third-party testing


Better indoor air quality- ventilation, nontoxic materials, reduced dust and allergens

Natural day lighting to promote heathy and productive indoor environments


Radon resistant construction

Carbon Monoxide protection- sealed combustion appliances and HVAC equipment


Less maintenance

Weather-resistant, long-lasting materials


Non drafty interiors

Dependable, uniform temperatures throughout the home


Charming, timeless structures appreciated and respected by future generations

Attractive and inviting landscaped exteriors

High Performance

Superior mechanical, electrical, plumbing systems and building enclosures

Smart controls, and energy monitoring systems


Integrated Design TEAM- as opposed to one individual designing the home

Cutting edge construction technology

Energy Efficiency

$100s saved on utility bills each year

Efficient building enclosures, mechanical equipment, appliances, and lighting

Resource Efficiency

Methodical construction practices, construction waste reduction, and site recycling

Sustainable building materials

Water Efficiency

Saving a valuable natural resource, while saving money on water and gas bills

High efficiency faucets, shower heads, toilets, and irrigation systems


Reducing your ecological footprint

Investing in your children’s future