Our quality control program is second to none.

Quality control should start from the very beginning, not at finishes. It is common practice for builders to cut corners on work conducted prior to drywall. They do because they can. Most homeowners don’t know enough about construction to demand quality materials/methods during foundations, framing, and insulation. We have developed a series of company green building checklists covering hundreds of checkpoints. More than 15 separate checklists are used throughout every phase of design and construction.

Beautiful Homes

A green home is a beautiful home that stands the test of time. Thus, aesthetics are important. People are likely to think twice about tearing down a quality-built, beautiful structure. Our goal is to build long lasting, beautiful homes-- timeless structures that will be appreciated and respected by future generations.


Less drafts, consistent temperatures, and healthy indoor air are a few comfort related benefits you will enjoy in a G-Build home. Some of the strategies we use to address comfort include:

  1. Superior HVAC Design

  2. Multi-Zone Thermostat Controls

  3. Super Insulated Building Enclosures- resulting in dependable, uniform temperatures throughout the home

  4. Efficient Windows- that reduce heat loss, drafts, condensation and glare.

  5. Natural Lighting- that result in healthy, productive indoor environments.

  6. Ventilation- introducing fresh air while removing dust, moisture, odors, and pollutants