Performance Testing

Words Can Be Deceiving

    1. All builders will promote themselves with words like, “QUALITY,” “CRAFTSMANSHIP,” and “EXCELLENCE.” Now the question is-- can they prove it? These are powerful words that are used all too often, and because of this, they have become deluded and somewhat meaningless in the home building industry.

Backed Up By Building Science & Testing

We back up all of our homes through building science and third party testing. During design and construction we apply crucial building science principles necessary when building a quality home. We also understand the importance of involving a third party to give an unbiased assessment of home performance and quality construction. Thus, we call for third party inspections and performance testing on all our homes. This gives the homeowner assurance that their home will in fact be built to the highest quality green building standards.

Tests/Inspections Conducted

  1. Home Leakage Testing

  2. Duct Leakage Testing

  3. HVAC System-Balancing Testing

  4. Ventilation Testing

  5. Carbon Monoxide Testing

  6. Radon Testing

  7. Infrared/Thermal Imaging

  8. HERS Rating

  9. Pre-Drywall Green Building Inspection

  10. Final Green Building Inspection

  11. Durability Inspection

  12. Thermal Bypass Inspection

  13. Indoor Air Quality Inspection

Home Leakage Test

Duct Leakage Test

HVAC System Balancing