Health & Safety

There are many potential hazards in homes built today. Decks that are unsafe, mold and moisture problems that cause structural damage and health problems, poor indoor air quality, and exposure to harmful VOCs and carcinogenic gases, are some problems that arise. Fortunately all of these things can be eliminated or greatly reduced by green building practices and materials:

  1. Natural daylighting techniques to create a healthy indoor environments

  2. Proper deck ledger flashing and fastening can eliminate deck failure seen in the picture to the right.

  3. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) found in cabinets, carpet, sealants, paints, and millwork can be eliminated by selecting building materials that do not contain these harmful compounds (more on VOCs in the Indoor Air Quality section of this website.)

  4. Moisture control to eliminate mold growth and structural damage

  5. Mechanical ventilation systems with quality filters can raise the quality of air in a home

  6. All sealed combustion appliances to prevent carbon monoxide backdrafting

  7. Air sealing the home’s envelope to assist in controlling the allergens, particulates, and contaminants entering into the home.

  8. Controlling airflow in a home to reduce the rate of which fire spreads

  9. Radon mitigation systems to eliminate the carcinogenic gas found in homes

Deck Failure

Mold Problems