Why Green Building?

The statistics are scary- U.S. buildings account for:

  1. 71% of electricity consumption

  2. 39% of total energy used

  3. 65% of waste output

  4. 38% of carbon emissions

  5. 12% of water use.

You don’t need to be a scientist to asses the significance of this data. It is paramount that we change the way buildings are constructed. All building professionals should be conscious about energy efficiency, water conservation, and the reduction of natural resources used in construction.

Green Building Commitment

Gaining a competitive edge should not be the only reason why a builder decides to join the green building movement. It clearly is the right thing for ALL builders to do. Furthermore, green building is a mind-set. It isn’t something you do one day, and forget about the next. It is a commitment that the builder and his/her employees must make.  G-Build has made this commitment and is dedicated to building environmentally responsible structures. This mentality is passed along to employees, sub-contractors, and field personal.

Whole Systems Thinking

We manage the construction of green homes by using a whole systems approach- understanding that each component used in construction, is not independent, rather it has an effect on the structure as a whole. The building site, foundation, walls, roof, and mechanical systems, should all work together harmoniously. Finding synergies and trade offs in materials and systems is the key to a successful and affordable green home. If done right, these trade offs can keep the incremental costs of green building to a minimum. One example of whole systems thinking would be: adding insulation to reduce the heating and cooling load in a home, thereby allowing for a smaller, less expensive furnace and AC unit.

It All Begins With Design

The design phase is arguably the most important aspect of environmentally responsible home building. As a builder, we don’t like to admit to this, but it is true. Without good design, green building materials/methods are limited, and home performance declines. It is for this reason that G-Build encourages an extensive integrated design approach. This revolves around the concept of a design TEAM, consisting of not only the architect, but the owner, builder, green expert, HVAC contractor/mechanical engineer, and other crucial sub-contractors. We organize planning/design meetings and insist that all major subs be involved. By receiving input from the important trades, better design is achieved. 

G-Build administers these design/planning meetings, confirming that key issues are addressed. Through integrated design, and green construction materials and methods, your home will be legitimately green.

Environmentally Responsible Building