Design + Build

G-Build offers full design & building services. As a licensed general contractor and design firm, we provide support to the homeowner throughout every phase of the project--  conception, planning/design, construction, and post-construction.


  1. Green Building Education for Client

  2. Site Selection Assistance- Selecting the lot is a very important step in the green building process

  3. Building Site Analysis- solar potential, site drainage issues, excavation issues, vegetation

  4. Homeowner Profile- Evaluation of the homeowner’s needs

  5. Goals Assessment- Assessing the goals of the project (efficiency goals,  HERS rating, LEED certification level)

  6. Financing Assistance- Green financing and Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEMs) are available.


  1. Integrated Design- Developing a synergistic design team, and facilitating design/planning meetings

  2. Passive solar design strategies

  3. Durability Measures

  4. Specification of Quality Materials

  5. Building Science Application

  6. Optimum Value Engineering

      1. Super Insulated Building Enclosures

  7. Energy Modeling

  8. Heating/Cooling Load Calculations

  9. HVAC System Design

  10. Job Scope Development

  11. Renewable Energy Technologies

  12. Integration of Construction Documents


  1. Quality Control (through our company 500-point checklists)

  2. Durability Control

  3. Waste Management/Recycling

  4. Weekly Site Meetings w/ Sub-contractors

  5. Weekly Project Updates to Client

  6. Job Site Training/Education

  7. Call For Third Party Inspections & Performance Testing

  8. LEED Documentation Management   

Post-Build/Homeowner Education

  1. Assisting with homeowner’s insurance

  2. Homeowner Guides- Manual & DVD

  3. Home Orientation/Walk-Throughs

  4. Discussion of home maintenance issues

  5. Outlook and iCal Maintenance Reminders

  6. Eleven-month warranty inspection