Water Efficiency

Water Efficient Homes conserve water, save energy, and reduce carbon emissions.

Many people don’t realize how much electricity is used in water purification, distribution, and sewage treatment. In some municipalities, water treatment and distribution facilities are among the top consumers of electricity. Where are most cities getting there electricity from? Dirty energy- COAL power plants.

So by reducing household water consumption you:

  1. Save water- a valuable resource

  2. Save money on reduced water bills

  3. Save money on reduced energy consumed to heat hot water

  4. Reduce carbon emissions from electricity used in water purification, distribution, and sewage treatment

Water Efficient Materials/Strategies

  1. High efficiency faucets/shower heads

  2. High efficiency/dual-flush toilets

  3. Efficient water distribution system

  4. Demand controlled hot water recirculation line pumps

  5. Efficient irrigation systems

  6. Reduction of turf grass

  7. Selection of draught-tolerant plants

  8. Rain water harvesting