A green home is a durable home. Durable construction is not just important from a structural/safety standpoint. A durable home requires less maintenance and will last hopefully 100 years or more. We must get away from building disposable, 25-year homes-- an obvious unsustainable approach to homebuilding.

Durability Strategies

  1. Moisture management details included in plans and job scope

  2. Foundation and site drainage

  3. Weather barriers- housewraps, ice & water protection

  4. Roof AND wall penetration flashings

  5. Kick-out flashing

  6. Deck ledger flashing

  7. Proper integration of house wrap, windows, and window flashing

  8. No Interior moisture barriers to trap moisture in wall cavities (vinyl wallpaper)

  9. Cement board (instead of paper-faced drywall) in showers/baths

  10. Weather resistant and back-vented exterior finishes

  11. Durable interior finishes