About G-Build

A green building company dedicated to designing and building high performance homes- structures that are healthy, safe, durable, comfortable, energy and resource efficient, and environmentally responsible. Essentially, our goal is to build the highest quality home; one that is beautiful, with healthier indoor air, less drafts, and more consistent temperatures. By building green the homeowner will save money on utility bills, conduct less maintenance on the weekends, and help the environment by reducing their carbon footprint.

Think of G-Build as a Green Building Liaison- your guide for green home building. Every step of the way, we are there to hold ALL design and building professionals accountable, making sure that the project is truly green.

Bio- Brett Moyer, Principal

As a residential green building consultant, custom home builder, and Green Rater, Brett’s work focuses on economical green building materials/methods, and cost-effective energy efficiency strategies. With extensive knowledge of green building and building science, Brett provides support to homeowners, builders, and design professionals.

He has earned multiple accreditations:

LEED AP+Homes, LEED Green Rater, Green Verifier (NAHB), Certified Green Professional (NAHB), and Certified Green Building Professional (Build it Green, CA). Brett also serves as the Residential Green Building Advocate for the U.S. Green Building Council Utah Chapter (detailed explanation of these credentials click here).

Green Building Commitment

Green building is a mindset, it isn’t something you do on one project and forget about on the next. G-Build has made the commitment to building all homes in an environmentally responsible manner. This mentality is passed along to employees, suppliers, sub-contractors, and field personal.