Credentials- Brett Moyer

Certified Green Building Professional- Build it Green CA.

Build It Green, a non-profit organization promoting sustainable building practices in California, offers training, tools, and technical experience in green building to professionals in the residential construction industry. The Certified Green Building Professional training is attended by contractors, sub-contractors, architects, and engineers who want to become certified in green building. From the training, these professionals learn how to build and design high-performance green homes.

LEED Accredited Professional + Homes- U.S. Green Building Council

The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings. The USGBC is the largest green building organization in the country, with a community comprising 78 local affiliates, and more than 20,000 member companies and organizations. The USGBC’s LEED Professional Accreditation distinguishes building professionals with the knowledge and skills to successfully steward the LEED certification process. LEED Accredited Professionals (LEED APs) have demonstrated a thorough understanding of green building practices and principles and the LEED Rating Systems. Though there may be over 800 LEED APs in Utah, Brett Moyer is the first, and one of only two LEED APs with Homes specialty in the state.

LEED for Homes Green Rater- U.S. Green Building Council

Green Raters play a critical role in the LEED for Homes process by overseeing all verification services on a project. Going through the Rater training has made Brett a better green builder, for he is able to see the verification side of green building. Understanding the process, and knowing what Raters look for, is critical when building LEED for Homes projects.  In addition to building green homes, Brett also verifies other LEED-Homes projects built by other builders.  This gives him the opportunity to observe the work of others, keeping current with green building advancements, technologies, trends, and products.

Certified Green Professional- National Association of Home Builders

Offered by NAHB's University of Housing, the Certified Green Professional designation is another way building professionals can become educated in, and involved with green building. The designation requires 24 hours of NAHB-approved training, and additional continuing education every two years. The designation curriculum requires completion of the Green Building for Building Professionals two-day course and either the Business Management for Building Professionals one-day course or having another current NAHB professional designation. Upon successful completion, that individual is awarded the CGP designation, recognizing a high degree of professional competence.

Green Verifier- NAHB Research Center

Many builders are seeking to have their homes certified as meeting the National Green Building Standard. In order to facilitate this certification, the NAHB Research Center accredits competent professionals to conduct verification inspections prior to certification of the home. An accredited Green Verifier has demonstrated competence in consistent interpretation of the Standard and the proper procedures for completing and submitting verification reports.

Residential Green Building Advocate- U.S. Green Building Council, Utah Chapter

As the RGBA, Brett chairs the Residential Green Building Committee for the Chapter, and serves as the local face for the USGBC’s LEED for Homes program. Some of his duties include; reporting local market analysis back to to national reps; reporting committee progress to the chapter chair; and establishing collaborative relationships with the local LEED for Homes Provider, HBAs, Board of Realtors, and other local green building programs. Brett is in contact with USGBC-National through monthly conference calls to keep up to date on the LEED for Homes program.