NAHB Green Building

In 2007 the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) and the International Code Council (ICC) partnered to establish a much-needed and nationally-recognizable standard definition of green building.

The ANSI approved ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard™ (NGBS)defines green building for single and multifamily homes, residential remodeling projects and site development projects while still allowing for the flexibility required for regionally-appropriate best green practices.

Verification & Builder Support Services

As one of only a few Accredited Green Verifiers in the state, we can provide assistance with the certification of NAHB Green projects. Serving all of Utah, Southern ID, and Western WY.

Field Inspections- Pre-drywall and Final Verifications mandatory for certification.

Program Overview- A complete overview of the National Green Building Standard, credit by credit.

Kick Off Meetings- These meetings are essential orientations of the NGBS and the requirements of the program. We will discuss the Online Scoring Tool, the new Excel scoring spreadsheet, performance testing, Energy Star v2.5 and v3 compliance, project documentation, elective indoor air quality testing, and other appropriate optional credits.

Project Scoring Support- Scoring a project can be time consuming. After reviewing the plans, job scope and other construction documents, we offer assistance to the builder with entering the appropriate data into the Excel scoring spreadsheet.

Designer’s Report Review- If the Designer’s Report has already been generated by the builder, we offer a review meeting to confirm accurate scoring.

Job Scope Development- Developing job scope for key subcontractors is also critical for high performance homes. Some materials and methods will be new to subcontractors and field personnel, and it is important that trades be informed on the scope of work up front. Doing so will reduce discrepancies in the field.

Documentation Support- Managing the documentation associated with the NGBS can be challenging and time consuming. We can provide assistance with photo documentation, calculations, other forms needed for project certification. We also provide project teams with a very useful Verifications & Submittals Guide.

Homeowner Manual Template- This mandatory prerequisite can be challenging and time consuming. We can save the project team a great deal of time (approximately 50 hours is estimated that a builder will spend on this) by providing a homeowner manual template-- a useful tool showing the appropriate certification documents and information to be included in the manual.

Builder Process for NAHB Green Building Certification

Step 1: Score the building using the online Green Scoring Tool.

Step 2: Export final Designer's Report from Green Scoring Tool and save as Excel file

Step 3: Hire an accredited verifier.

Step 4: Forward Designer's Report to selected verifier and schedule rough inspection.

Step 4A:(First Certification Only): If this is the Builder's first certification, the Builder's application packet will be sent once the verifier has scheduled the rough inspection. Before the final inspection, complete the Program Participation Agreement and return to the Research Center with required evidence of insurance.

The Builder's application packet will be sent directly to the builder once the verifier has scheduled the rough inspection and notified the Research Center of the scheduled inspection. The builder should return the following back to the Research Center for processing:

  1. the completed application form

  2. all pages of the Program Participation Agreement

  3. the required evidence of insurance

  4. the certification fee for the first building

The certification fee for single-family homes is $200 per building for NAHB members, $500 for non-members. The multi-unit building fee is $200 per building + $20/unit for NAHB members and $500 per building + $20 per unit for non-members. For subsequent homes, builders will be invoiced when the Research Center receives the Notice of Inspection from the verifier.

Only one Agreement is required for each builder regardless of how many buildings are ultimately submitted for certification.

Step 5: Meet with verifier after rough inspection to sign the verification report which will be sent to the Research Center for review.

Step 6: (For 2nd and future certifications): Receive payment notice and remit certification fee. ($200 per building for NAHB members, $500 for non-members, multi-unit building fee is building fee + $20/unit)

Step 7: Schedule final inspection with verifier and sign final Verification Report including certificate information.

Step 8: If the builder application, agreement and insurance is on file and the certification fee has been paid, the Research Center will review the report and issue Certified Green Home certificate.