Energy Star Version 3

Are you confused about Energy Star v2.5 and v3? Have you prepared your company for the new updates? There are many changes to the Energy Star New Homes program that will take place over the next year. Although Version 3 is not fully implemented until 2012, many of these changes (v2.5) go into effect April 1, 2011.

What Are The Differences?

  1. Home size penalty- larger homes have to meet more stringent requirements.

  2. NEW Inspection Checklists:

    1. Thermal Enclosure System

    2. HVAC System Quality Installation for Contractors

    3. HVAC System Quality Installation for Raters

    4. Water Management System

  3. Variable HERS Rating in the Performance Path

  4. Duct leakage requirements

  5. Appliance and lighting requirements

  6. No exemption of slab edge insulation (version 2 allowed a 25% exemption)

Builder Services

  1. Energy Star v2.5 & v3 overview/education

  2. Full Design Support- As a design+build firm, we can assist builders with all design needs (design consultations or full plans- stamped and guaranteed to meet v.2.5 & v.3)

  3. Plan Review- v2.5/v3 compliance, thermal enclosure evaluation, HVAC assessment, water management analysis

  4. Energy Star HERS Index Target calculation

  5. HVAC Contractor Selection- Manual J, D, and S, design is required for v3. We can assist in selecting a competent contractor capable of meeting these HVAC design requirements.

  6. Whole-home mechanical ventilation design

  7. Energy Star Details- We have developed PDF and DWG (CAD) details that can be integrated into plans, job scope, and sub contractor checklists.

  8. Energy Star Files CD- We provide builders with a data disc containing checklists, information sheets, guidebooks, and other resources to assist builders with their Energy Star projects.

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Transition to Energy Star v3 Chart

Energy Star v3 Implementation Schedule