G-Build can assist you with your home improvements (gut rehabs, additions, full kitchen and bath remodels, etc) while significantly increasing the energy efficiency of your home. We call this approach ENERGY REMODELING.

There are many tax incentives and rebates that can make the upfront costs of a home energy remodel affordable. We facilitate the whole process start to finish-- from initial testing, to the actual work, then through follow up testing, and assistance with the rebates and tax incentives.

What does a home energy remodel consist of?

  1. 1.Initial testing of the home (home energy audit)- A performance testing contractor will conduct a series of tests analyzing home leakage, duct leakage, insulation levels, and thermal bridging. These tests establish a baseline to compare with tested conducted after the work is completed.

  2. 2.Addressing other performance issues- Energy efficiency is not the only thing to asses in existing home. Moisture problems, heath and indoor air quality, home ventilation, building pressure differentials (wind, stack, mechanical pressures), combustion appliances and carbon monoxide backdrafting, and other pollutants and toxins in the home should be examined.

  3. Many performance issues are interrelated, and it is important that a contractor managing your energy retrofit should have a firm grasp of building science, understanding the physical laws of heat, air, and moisture in and around buildings.

  4. Existing/future moisture problems can lead to structural damage, health problems (mold), and can also decrease the efficiency of insulation materials. Protecting the home from moisture is imperative.

  5. Uncontrolled building pressures and airflow can lead to moisture damage, comfort issues (drafts), poor indoor air quality, and reduced energy efficiency.

  6. Air sealing and adding insulation can lead to moisture problems in the condition space and within wall and roof assembles. However, proper ventilation equipment can eliminate these potential problems. BUILD TIGHT VENTILATE RIGHT

  7. 3.Work commences:

  8. mechanical equipment replacement (water heater, furnace)

  9. insulation and air sealing

  10. duct sealing

  11. window replacement

  12. lighting replacement

  13. interior and/or exterior remodeling work

  14. 4.Retesting- A performance contractor will conduct another series of tests to confirm that the work actually improved the performance of the home.

  15. 5.Incentive/rebate assistance- We will assist with all forms and documentation necessary to receive the incentives.

G-Build keeps current on the incentives being introduced at both the State and Federal level.

Federal Incentives

  1. 30% Renewable Energy Tax Credit

  2. Energy Efficiency Tax Credit

State Incentives

  1. Renewable Energy Systems Tax Credit

  2. Utah Home Performance

  3. USEP- Energy Efficient Appliance Rebate Program

Utility  Incentives

  1. Questar Gas - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program

  2. Questar Gas - Residential Solar Assisted Gas Water Heating Rebate Program

  3. Rocky Mountain Power - Residential Energy Efficiency Rebate Program